Merry Christmas

T’was some weeks before Christmas…

When the Tamborine team realised, quite suddenly, that another year had come and gone. It has most certainly been a year full of changes and challenges. A year that has brought new projects and new friends into our Tamborine universe. Vodka Capital and their Jelly Jammers burst into our world, the ITV Sports Mash heros (what a laugh), simply announced themselves and came right on in, and of course the Darrall MacQueen girls brought some class and grace to the whole scene. We have also been fortunate in seeing the return of some well known faces from Spider Eye, Cbeebies and Bluz Zoo, for second series’ and more animated fun. And so, feeling most nostalgic as we look back on 2010, we would like to say a special thank you to all our clients for their continued support and creativity. We are very blessed to work in an industry that spends its time creating singing plants, pigs and mother gooses, not to mention the numerous superheroes (Lucky Fred and Friday are perhaps more super than hero but we love them), and well now seems as good a time as any to recognise just how great it is to be a part of it all. On that note of celebration:

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

From the Tamborine Team