Dennis and Gnasher Recording Complete!


2012 marked the beginning of Tamborine Production and Red Kite Animation’s alliance for the new 52 x 11 minute popular series of Dennis and Gnasher.

Since then we have set to work managing castings, recordings, directing and editing. John Sutherland took the role of Engineer, along with Giles New as Director. It has been a pleasure to work closely with Red kite’s Production Manager Lindsey Adams, Line Producer Italia Bianco and Production Coordinator Ruth Mckie.  Much amusement was had thanks to the brilliant and highly talented cast, including Chris Johnson, Morwenna Banks, Rasmus Hardiker and Natif Ahmed.

Dennis the Menace first appeared in The Beano as far back as 1951. With their mischievous, fun loving appeal, Dennis and Gnasher’s global popularity is evident and DC Thomson, (rights owner to the Beano) continues to produce weekly comics, The UK’s #1 annual and a range of merchandise.

The iconic and highly influential characters including the likes of Curly and Pie Face have resonated with generations and continue to do so as the world of Beano lives on. Red Kite’s animation expertise has successfully brought the characters to life increasing its demand further still.

DC Thomson last year renewed their partnership with Red Kite, along with Australia based production company Sticky Pictures.  Commissioned by CBBC and Network Nine, this brand new series is scheduled for release later this year to co-incide with The Beano’s 75th Anniversary.

It has been a true delight to work with Red Kite Animations for the first time. Thank you to all for making the process so enjoyable. The series will most certainly be missed and we really look forward to working together again.