That’s a wrap! Last week saw the completion of recordings for Collingwood and Co.’s Pre-school CGI animated series “Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave”!

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave“Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave” is a multiple-choice series with episodes focused upon making choices and problem solving. The episodes look to encourage the viewers to interact, by discovering answers to puzzles and questions, driven by Ruff, Ruff, Tweet and Dave themselves.

Tamborine’s collaboration with Collingwood and Co., on the 52 x 11 minute series, started back at the end of April 2013 when Tamborine were asked to voice cast the two remaining roles “Ruff Ruff” and “Tweet”. Nick Harris was then appointed head recording engineer for the series and voice director for the child artists. Tamborine also oversaw the administration and scheduling of recordings throughout the production period.

Nick has really enjoyed working closely with series Creator, Writer and Director, Tony Collingwood and Producer/Head of Development, Helen Stroud and, after having the pleasure of attending a screening for the first three episodes, is very proud to be a part of a wonderful production.

A big well done to the artists, David Holt (Hatty), Joe West (Ruff-Ruff), Ella Marshall Pinder (Tweet) and Jonathan Miller (Dave)!!

The series looks to air early next year on CBeebies in the UK. We wish it the very best of luck!