Just “foleying” around this afternoon at Tamborine

This afternoon Nick will be completing the sound design on the gorgeous Theme Tune for “Miffy’s Adventures; Big and Small” and, seeing that this will include elements of foley, thought we would bring up this great article taking a look behind the scenes for the Radio series “The Archers”.

The Telegraph-The Archers secrets revealed: why Ed Grundy has a B&Q sink- by Anita Singh

Although “The Archers” is on the Radio, Foley is also very important for helping to create the sense of reality in an animation too. These reproduced sounds can be anything from the crunching of leaves and footsteps to squeaky doors and china sugar pots “bouncing” along wooden tables.

It needs to be so well integrated that it goes unnoticed by the audience. Animation, like Radio plays especially requires the close attention to detail being that it is silent until brought to life with the the Sound Design, Atmosphere, Music and of course Dialogue.

With Children’s animation having a lot of creative imagination running through each episode It is usually great fun sourcing the objects and putting them to the test until the right sound is found for the job.

The next time you watch the telly or listen tot he radio, take a think about how much detail goes into the sound, because if you haven’t noticed it before, we are all doing our jobs well 😉
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