Tamborine raise money for Red Nose Day 2015!

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In preparation for today’s Red Nose Day, three mysterious red noses took over the Tamborine Sound Studio yesterday….
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 We knew that this could ONLY mean one thing…A NEW CHALLENGE MUST BE INVENTED!

This year Tamborine decided to continue the tradition of their comic relief theme of the slapstick foam pie to the face… especially as this year’s theme is to make your face FUNNY FOR MONEY!

Nick Harris took on Becky Kidd to raise money in the all new game…


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  1. Set up 10 cups & 3 foam pies, a ‘bouncing table’ and a marker the player must stand behind
  2. The idea of the game is to bounce the red nose on the ‘bouncing table’ and get it to land on one of the cups
  3. It is speed throwing! You are only allowed 5 seconds to throw!


  1. If you are lucky enough to get the red nose into a cup the opponent ‘s forfeit is a foam pie to the face!
  2. If your red nose lands in a pie you get a pie to the face!
  3. You are allowed THREE “Mess shots” whereby the red nose skims the foam but doesn’t directly land into the pie. After your THREE “Mess shots” are up you will get a pie to the face!
  4. You are allowed FIVE “Miss shots” whereby you bounce on the ‘bouncing table’ but miss the next table. Each of these will come at £1 to charity. If you run out you will get a pie to the face!
  • HOWEVER both players have FOUR ‘get out of jail’ cards each at £5 to charity- BUT once they are through you have to take the pie like a man!
  • NOTE- if you use a ‘get out of jail’ card on the “Miss “ or “Mess” shots your counter is reset in order to raise more money for Red Nose Day
  • NOTE- ALL pies to the face must be completed with a red nose picture in order to make your face FUNNY FOR MONEY!


Becky won the game with Nick taking TWO out of three pies to the face!

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Between us we raised £60 for Comic Relief…we shall see you for  next years challenge!