A huge “relief” for all involved in the industry!!

After the Tax relief announcements in the Budget this week, Tamborine reflects on the UK Animation Tax Break and how it has benefitted us all…

The UK Animated Series Tax Break is not only benefitting British Animation Producers but also the facilities that support them including, of course- Audio Post Production….

Projects including; Snapper Films/ Blue Zoo’s “Qpootle 5”, Kindle Entertainment/Laughing Gravy’s “Dinopaws “and most recently Collingwood and Co.’s “Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave” have all passed through Tamborine’s doors in the last couple of years due to the UK Animation Tax Break.

Tamborine are a great believers in supporting our British heritage and keeping our home grown animation alive is not only essential to the workflow of animation teams of the country, but also the Audio Post Production teams too.

Tamborine have been involved in different elements to each series, including administration and scheduling, voice casting, recording and Audio Post.

Further more, hearing that the tax breaks will go even further is music to our ears!

Early this week the budget proposed introducing a new children’s TV tax relief to include game shows and competitions as well as animation and live action. It will also include expanding high-end drama and film tax credits.

George Osborne mentioned:

“Our creative industries are already a huge contributor to the British economy,” he said. “Today we make our TV and film tax credits more generous, expand our support for the video games industry and we launch our new tax credit for orchestras.”

Read more in this article in the guardian below:


It has been an absolute joy to work with some fantastic companies and we hope to see UK Creative Tax Breaks benefitting us all for many more years to come! Hear Hear!