Easter 2014 was an exciting moment for Nick at Tamborine, it was when he was approached by Darrall Macqueen to start putting the sound design together for the New 21st Century Teletubbies!  Fast forward to November 2015 and we have finished the 60x15min and 60x11min eps!

It has been a real privilege to be involved in such an intricate project and bring the new Tubbies to life by adding the Tamborine touch to the SFX and atmosphere, whilst keeping a nod to the original.  Tamborine has recorded voices, sound designed and mixed all 120 episodes.

For those that don’t remember Teletubbies the first time around, the four characters Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po live in Teletubby land; the show mixes life in Teletubby land with VT inserts of children learning through play.

It’s fair to say that some ‘Tubbies key sounds have been both fun and challenging to achieve.There are surprises in store for the new series and one of the fab new features is a heady mix of mayhem that children will love!

“The simplicity of life in Teletubby land belies the creative & technical challenges that the whole crew went through to bring it to life!  I’m really proud of what we have achieved with the sound.“ Nick Harris, Tamborine.

You can have a look and listen to the Theme song here


Here’s Jane Horrocks, the voice of the new Tubby Phone in our studio at Newman Street.  We also had the pleasure of recording the Voice Trumpets, Jim Broadbent, Teresa Gallagher & Fearne Cotton and the narrators Daniel Rigby & Antonia Thomas.


You can watch the Teletubbies from Monday November 9th on Cbeebies.