Mourning another Music Legend… but his ‘sound’ ideas still live on!

Creating new sounds in the studio, finding that perfect mix between two takes… Where would we be today without Innovative ideas and people like Sir George Martin pushing the boundaries?!

“But after the eighth day of recording, Lennon was still unsatisfied – wanting to keep the opening of the final take (Take 26) and the second part from another, recorded the previous week (Take 7).

He suggested that Martin somehow combined them, despite the fact they were in different keys and different tempos.

“You can do something about it,” Lennon said. “You can fix it.”

Martin and his engineer Geoff Emerick took up the challenge, speeding up one version and slowing down the other so that they matched in tempo. The edit is only detectable by a slight change in ambience around the one-minute mark – an effect which only adds to the song’s sense of dislocation.

These days, almost every singer stitches together their vocals from multiple takes, but Martin and Emerick had proved such edits were possible on a humble four-track tape machine.” Read more here in the BBC Article;

Mixing things up in the studio is exactly what we often do in our line of work, whether this be during voice recording edits, creating sound atmospheres or getting that perfect piece of foley for an exciting vehicle sound design we are working on.

Furthermore, we like to mix the old with the new or completely opposite musical genres in our Music Composition.

Nick Harris, MD and Head of Audio here at Tamborine, has recently been working on 16 x 22 min episodes of a great action packed Netflix series with another of a similar genre just around the corner! He takes pride in going that extra mile by taking time to listen and research sounds of past and present and also relevant to the genre in hand.  For example , in his most recent work he is keeping true to the story’s roots in the African jungle and combining those rhythms with those of futuristic digital gadgets and sounds to pack a punch and create something bespoke.We look forward to being able to share some of this work with you soon…. 😉

So whilst we reflect on the sad news of losing yet another legend this week,  we think that he can rest in peace knowing that he continues to  inspire _88663267_georgemartin-getty-largeso many creative minds across the world and in multiple generations today.