Tamborine are very excited about launch of TARZAN AND JANE on Netflix!


We had the pleasure of working on the full audio post and music of this fab 8 x 22’ series with US based clients, 41 Entertainment, last summer.

Tarzan is found in the jungle as a baby after his parents die in a plane crash and is saved at birth from his airplane injuries by a local medicine man who injected him with various lotions and potions from animal DNA’s that we later learn have given him great powers such as the speed of a cheetah and the strength of a rhino.  He is raised in the jungle by a gorilla until the age of 15 at which point he is found by an expedition from London paid for by his billionaire grandfather.  This is where we meet Jane who is part of the expedition and becomes a very important person in his life and in our story as his equal.

Find it on Netflix here:


Here is a great review from Bustle to check out!


And whilst there isn’t any music from the legend Phil Collins… the music is pretty great if we do say so ourselves! 😉