Tamborine work on another brilliant animation; “Numberblocks!”


As mentioned last week the wonderful “Numberblocks” has now started on CBeebies weekdays @ 10:20am & 2.40pm!!


Tamborine were approached early last year to come on board to voice record and provide full audio post for the 30 x 5 min series, which is a sister to the popular sister show ”Alphablocks”.

It’s a fun mind stimulating show that aids children (and also adults!) in getting to grips with maths by cleverly bringing the plastic blocks, seen often in primary schools, to life through animated adventure, games and songs! (written by Ben Lee-Delisle)



‘Numberblocks is the brainchild of creator Joe Elliot and Blue Zoo Animation Studio, and executive produced for the BBC by Catherine McAllister and Michael Towner. The new show works on a similar premise to the BAFTA-nominated Alphablocks, assigning a unique character to every number to give children a deep understanding of how numbers work.’

“Children (and adults) often struggle with maths because it starts to become much less visual and more about manipulating written numbers,” said Elliot, who also executive produces the show. “Numberblocks is different from any other numbers show because it keeps everything visual and really shows how numbers work. It breaks through in a way that no other numbers show has to give kids a great understanding of maths whilst having side-splitting fun. We’re looking forward to changing how children think about numbers.”

 Read more in this lovely article on Animation Magazine here

And make sure to start at the beginning on the CBeebies iPlayer here!