Collingwood’s “Tales From No-Such Town” Press Release!


Yesterday Collingwood & Co. published a press release to announce the news that their brand new project “Tales from No-Such Town” has been commissioned by CBeebies Radio and will launch in early June!

Created, written and illustrated by Tony Collingwood himself, “Tales from No-Such Town” initially consists of 10 radio plays telling whimsical modern fables, infused with simple life lessons. Perfect listening for long car journeys over the summer holidays!

Here at Tamborine we had the pleasure of recording these wonderfully clever, original stories with the talented voice artists David Holt and Emma Tate.

We can’t wait to tune in and have another listen on CBeebies Radio next week!

See the full press release here: Tales From No-Such Town

The first of 10 original stories *Premieres on BBC iPlayer Radio App-CBeebies Radio from 1st June 2017*(continuing until the end of August 2017) and on CBeebies’ Website Tuesday 6th June 2017 (with new episodes every Tuesday until the 8th August 2017)