Collingwood’s “Tales From No-Such Town” Press Release!


Yesterday Collingwood & Co. published a press release to announce the news that their brand new project “Tales from No-Such Town” has been commissioned by CBeebies Radio and will launch in early June!

Created, written and illustrated by Tony Collingwood himself, “Tales from No-Such Town” initially consists of 10 radio plays telling whimsical modern fables, infused with simple life lessons. Perfect listening for long car journeys over the summer holidays!

Here at Tamborine we had the pleasure of recording these wonderfully clever, original stories with the talented voice artists David Holt and Emma Tate.

We can’t wait to tune in and have another listen on CBeebies Radio next week!

See the full press release here: Tales From No-Such Town

The first of 10 original stories *Premieres on BBC iPlayer Radio App-CBeebies Radio from 1st June 2017*(continuing until the end of August 2017) and on CBeebies’ Website Tuesday 6th June 2017 (with new episodes every Tuesday until the 8th August 2017)

Money makes the world go round…or does it?


Isn’t it just hard graft sweat and tears? Passion, focus and determination? Creativity, experience and the attitude of not wanting to produce bad work/let people down?

Just a thought for today, here in the broadcasting industry, where we are constantly working our butts off at hitting ridiculous deadlines, magic’ing hours into the day, making the seemingly impossible schedules possible, are we doing it for the money? Especially in television I can say, I think the answer is most certainly not! It’s more than money; it’s about the passion for our work. Although saying that, we cannot produce top quality work for nothing, we all have bills to pay!

Oh the Labour of Love!



Just a 🎶 note 🎶 on ❤️ Valentines Day ❤️

Cupid’s bow has just struck a chord,

In fact a few, on our engineer’s keyboard,

For love can come in all shapes and sizes,

Passions, quests, projects and prizes,

And today a day, luckily for us, like any other,

Where we express our love for our work-not just the credit on the cover.

We believe sound is key in getting your message across,

And if you let us have control- we’ll make your project the boss,

For we are not selfish and want you to see,

Our love can be your love, so musically! 😉

😍 Happy Valentine’s Day! 😍


Tamborine work on another brilliant animation; “Numberblocks!”


As mentioned last week the wonderful “Numberblocks” has now started on CBeebies weekdays @ 10:20am & 2.40pm!!


Tamborine were approached early last year to come on board to voice record and provide full audio post for the 30 x 5 min series, which is a sister to the popular sister show ”Alphablocks”.

It’s a fun mind stimulating show that aids children (and also adults!) in getting to grips with maths by cleverly bringing the plastic blocks, seen often in primary schools, to life through animated adventure, games and songs! (written by Ben Lee-Delisle)



‘Numberblocks is the brainchild of creator Joe Elliot and Blue Zoo Animation Studio, and executive produced for the BBC by Catherine McAllister and Michael Towner. The new show works on a similar premise to the BAFTA-nominated Alphablocks, assigning a unique character to every number to give children a deep understanding of how numbers work.’

“Children (and adults) often struggle with maths because it starts to become much less visual and more about manipulating written numbers,” said Elliot, who also executive produces the show. “Numberblocks is different from any other numbers show because it keeps everything visual and really shows how numbers work. It breaks through in a way that no other numbers show has to give kids a great understanding of maths whilst having side-splitting fun. We’re looking forward to changing how children think about numbers.”

 Read more in this lovely article on Animation Magazine here

And make sure to start at the beginning on the CBeebies iPlayer here! 

Tamborine are very excited about launch of TARZAN AND JANE on Netflix!


We had the pleasure of working on the full audio post and music of this fab 8 x 22’ series with US based clients, 41 Entertainment, last summer.

Tarzan is found in the jungle as a baby after his parents die in a plane crash and is saved at birth from his airplane injuries by a local medicine man who injected him with various lotions and potions from animal DNA’s that we later learn have given him great powers such as the speed of a cheetah and the strength of a rhino.  He is raised in the jungle by a gorilla until the age of 15 at which point he is found by an expedition from London paid for by his billionaire grandfather.  This is where we meet Jane who is part of the expedition and becomes a very important person in his life and in our story as his equal.

Find it on Netflix here:

Here is a great review from Bustle to check out!

And whilst there isn’t any music from the legend Phil Collins… the music is pretty great if we do say so ourselves! 😉


A Little Tamborine Poem this Christmas!

The Tamborine Team, full of festive cheer,
would like to mention at this time of year,
how grateful we are that our business is growing,
working with excellent clients all the while knowing,
that we are making something worthwhile and full of lots of fun,
providing education and entertainment for almost everyone,
on the Television, Radio and even online,
that’s where you will see our work, most of the time!
We love our jobs, the fun creating we get to do,
and are lucky to be able to share the process with you,
so thanks a bunch, we’ve really had a ball,
Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to All!
Here’s to a successful 2017!
*Please note we will be closed form 23rd Dec through to 3rd Jan*

Our Gift


This Year, Tamborine will be sponsoring a room at Centre Point, which we hope will give someone out there a fresh start and a chance of a successful 2017 🙂

Find out more information here


Tamborine work on new animated series “Mac & Izzy”!

macTamborine were delighted to be approached by friends at Blue Zoo Animation this summer to work on the short but sweet series “Mac & Izzy” for their clients at  Curious World .

John Sutherland had great fun with the tracklay and final mix on the 7 x 4 min episodes.

Watch the gorgeous animation on YouTube right here ?

Tamborine work on the first Boomerang Original, The Happos Family!




At the beginning of this year Tamborine started work with our good friends at Spider Eye on a lovely new project for Broadcaster Turner, The Happos Family! We were very happy to be involved in the ensemble recording of the hilarious cast and final mix the brilliant 20 x 2 minute shorts.


The brand-new, original series started airing on one of Turner’s flagship kids’ channel, Boomerang, Saturday 5th November.

More info from the press release here:

Made up of 20 x 2 minute shorts, The Happos Family is the first Boomerang Original to be created by Turner EMEA and will complement the channel’s existing portfolio of global and international acquisitions, such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the soon-to-launch Grizzy & the Lemmings, as well as the new pipeline of original content, including Wabbit and Bunnicula, produced by Turner’s sister company Warner Bros. Animation. It has been created in partnership with the world-renowned Italian corporation Ferrero and UK animation company Spider Eye.

The show features a family of Happos who live in an enclosure in a European safari park. In the morning the park is open to human visitors who drive past the Happos, taking pictures of them wallowing in the mud, lazing by the pool, sleeping in the shade of the tree. When the last car races out of the safari park and the gates are shut to all visitors, the Happos jump up out of the mud, wake up from their snoozing and get dressed up. It’s now their time for crazy, zany, Happo adventures.

Each of the 20 episodes centres on one of ten costumed Happos. Whether it’s Astro Happo longing to fly to the moon, or Stunt Happo attempting a daredevil feat, or Party Happo in a dance off with Ballerina and Bollywood, each storyline is laugh-out-loud, slap stick comedy with lots of heart.

Patricia Hidalgo, SVP, Chief Content & Creative Officer, Turner EMEA & International Kids’ Strategy commented: “The Happos Family is a great demonstration of our commitment to bringing high quality, new content to Boomerang, as we continue to build the brand as a second flagship to Cartoon Network and invest in original production for both channels both here in the UK and internationally. We’re excited to have joined forces with Ferrero, who really share the heritage family values that Boomerang and its audience represents, and Spider Eye who did a great job with the animation.”

 In addition to these beautifully colourful and hilarious, non-dialogue shorts – which will begin airing on Boomerang channels worldwide, starting with EMEA and APAC from October 2016 – the loveable Happos characters will appear across a variety of interactive digital platforms, including web, games and Youtube, among others.”

If you missed it, then catch up here: The Happos Family


Tambo Update on another sizzling summer!

 Wow, we cannot believe that tomorrow is October 1st! We know we are not the only ones saying it but jeeez, this year is certainly flying by!

 We have had a fantastic summer!

 Projects coming to an end…

Complete Audio post for the mighty “Kong King of the Apes” series for Netflix alongside another with Jungle king “Tarzan and Jane”

(which is almost complete)

Final dub review to finish up Audio Post on the wonderful third series of CBeebies “Tree Fu Tom”

Loveable “Digby Dragon” (Nick Jr.) Audio post is almost there wrapping mid October

And a brand new mini series with Blue Zoo Animation for the States- in the doors in July and out by September!

(More info to come soon)

Starting up we had…

The second series of the marvellous “Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small!” (The first series is currently airing on Tiny pop)

Another two brilliant shows we have very much enjoyed working on starting up series 2! shhhhhhh!

And finally another fantastic series with ensemble recording and Audio Post we are looking forward to shouting about!

Not to mention a fantastic little trailer that did rather well at Kidscreen…