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Throughout the production of Dennis and Gnasher, Tamborine has proven itself to be an incredibly efficient and hardworking studio. Their approach to customer service is second to none, and even under pressurised situations and tight deadlines, Tamborine has consistently exceeded our highest expectations. Their indisputable professionalism and expertise within their field not only instils confidence for their clients, it also means that Tamborine is simply a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend their services and we look forward to working with them on many more future projects.


Lindsey Adams | Production Manager

Dennis and Gnasher | Red Kite Animation

We have known Tamborine for quite some time, and have always used them when we’ve needed music and great quality audio post for our animated programming. They have been a terrifically useful one-stop-shop. We understand they are now getting a very favourable reputation in the animation and children’s programming sectors. Being one of their first animation clients we’re proud to say that we’ve taught them everything they know! Superb talent, great guys.


Morgan Francis | Series Director

Jungle Junction | Spider-Eye

We record, track lay and mix our successful preschool series Baby Jake at Tamborine and working with their Senior Engineer, Nick, is a complete pleasure. He’s fast, efficient, creative, personable and absolutely brilliant with the child voice actor who plays Isaac. I have a short hand with Nick – he’s already tweaking exactly the section of Audio which bugs me before I can get the words out to explain which bit! In fact, I think Nick can mind read! On top of that, he’s supported excellently by a friendly and fun Tamborine team.


Fiona Robinson | Producer

Baby Jake | Darrell MacQueen

Working with Tamborine’s team has always been a pleasure. I have known them for more than six years now and all I can do is thank them for their commitment and care. It’s very difficult to find a dubbing director who really knows your project and who puts in it as much effort as you do yourself. Well, Andrew does just that. Not only does he understand our needs, but many times he’s ahead of them, giving us lots of fantastic options, and always preselecting the right takes for us, which saves us a lot of work and time.


Carolina Matas | Production Director

Vodka Capital

Tamborine is simply a pleasure to work with

Tamborine provide more than just a terrific end product. The company provides care that goes way beyond the norm; where soundquality is matched by speed of performance, a positive working environment and creative support whenever requested. Livonia Street is the place I know I can come to when I need solutions for apparently unsolvable problems. I have never left disappointed.


Steve Cannon | Producer/Director

Justin's House, Kerwhizz, Tilly & Friends

Working with Tamborine is always a pleasure. Totally professional, they always know how to make the actors comfortable and at every step from record to final mix they help make a funny show even funnier. They never make mistakes and I trust them with all my ears!


David Freedman | Series Director

Luck Fred, King Arthur's Disasters

They never make mistakes and I trust them with all my ears!

Tamborine have been our audio post house partner since embarking on the pilot and the first series of our award winning series, Those Scurvy Rascals.

We have been delighted with the sound design, voice recording and dubbing which they have provided which have constituted an important part of the success of the series. They’re all extremely approachable guys, who have treated all of our animated programming with utmost skill and organisation.


Adam Shaw, Oli Hyatt, Tom Box

Blue Zoo Animation

I’ve worked with Nick on several occasions and have found him to be one of the best sound engineers in the business, which is why I will always go back and happily recommend him and his team to others, safe in the knowledge that they will always deliver. On top of that, Nick and the rest of the Tamborine crew are lovely people to be locked in a sound-proofed room for hours with. I cannot speak highly enough of them and their work.


Rob Doherty | Producer

Headcases | Aardman Animation

When we set out to look for a studio to do the voices for Jelly Jamm, Tamborine was our number 1 choice. Working with Tamborine has been an absolute pleasure. They are extremely professional, very committed to doing the best work possible in finding the right voices and making sure we were 100% satisfied with the results and ensuring that the work is done based on the production timeline requirements. Once we got the dubbing process moving we were extremely comfortable with having them run and supervise the entire process. For now and the future Tamborine is our choice!


Steven Posner | Executive Producer


Tamborine are my favourite sound studio – the facilities are first rate and the staff are extremely easy to work with and incredibly good at what they do. They provide a safe pair of hands from start to finish, from casting to delivery. Tamborine’s engineers are fast and have an excellent ear for a ‘good read’. On the production/administrative side, Tamborine is wonderfully efficient and make complicated recordings seem effortless. I recommend them very highly indeed.


Adam Long | Voice Director

What's The Big Idea | CBeebies/Planet Nemo

Nick and the rest of the Tamborine crew are lovely people to

be locked in a sound-proofed room for hours with

Tamborine is terrific. It’s reached the stage where I wouldn’t go anywhere else for audio post. They write the music, they record the vocals, hold castings, look after your clients for you, do the whole lot, really, producing always great results. All under Nick’s guidance. Best of all, Tamborine cares about their work and about your programme, which is one of the reasons they’re so good.


Robert Chandler | Producer

Space Age Films

Tamborine has been my go-to audio post for all my sound needs for many years, whether full series or features. They’re consummate professionals with both the technical knowledge for sound as well as the creative sense, a killer combination which makes them my number one choice when it comes to the all-important soundtrack.


Baljeet Rai | Producer

Planet Nemo

I travel from Los Angeles to London to do all of my post at Tamborine because of Nick

Working with Tamborine is always an immense pleasure, as you know you are going to get fantastic results from a consummate professional. Tamborine will always add to a project with constructive comments and suggestions, and one can trust their judgment and skill in giving the very best sound for any show, be it voice recordings, music, or sound effects. I look forward to working with them again in the near future, and would not hesitate to recommend Tamborine to anyone.


Stuart Evans | Director

Noogatron Films

We have just completed recording seventy-eight episodes of Ella Bella Bingo with Tamborine and Nick, and working with them has been a revelation. I have worked with many sound recording studios in the past but my experience with Tamborine has been exceptional from beginning to end. The way that Nick works with the actors, some of whom in our case are very young, has been a pleasure to behold, leaving all involved to get the very best performances possible. I would recommend their personal and technical skills to anyone and they will always be my first choice studio in the future.


Ginger Gibbons | Director

Ella Bella Bingo | Grand Slam Children's Films

These guys are great. The quality of service we received on “Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave” was outstanding – a friendly and efficient team, delivering recording services that really met our needs both financially and creatively. Nick’s directorial style is

so in sympathy with our own, we felt totally comfortable handing over our young performers to

his care. Can’t wait to record with you again.


Helen Stroud | Producer

Ruff Ruff Tweet & Dave | Collingwood & Co.

Simply put – I actually travel from Los Angeles to London to do all of my post at Tamborine because of Nick. That’s about as good a recommendation as I can imagine.


Rick Ungar | President

Marvel Characters Group, Marvel Entertainment

A safe pair of hands from start to finish